Empower Your Business. Elevate Your Role. Embrace Your Genius.

An Entire DONE WITH YOU WEEK in luxury to supercharge your business.









How many times have you said,
'I just want a whole week to work ON my business, not in it?'

Welcome to
The CEO Week

A unique Women’s Business Retreat designed to empower, educate, and connect women in business.

A week for you to work ON the business, not in it (in the most luxurious, inspirational space you’ve ever seen). 

I see it so often in my mastermind: women with BIG visions and no time to implement the next level around their hectic daily life schedule. 

I get it, I am a mum too..
This is why I created THE CEO WEEK!

is for the Woman Ready to Claim a New Level in Her Business.

At our exclusive retreat The CEO Week, we're granting your wish for a dedicated week to break free from the daily grind. Immerse yourself in intensive learning & implementation, personal growth, and revitalisation. This retreat is your moment to:

  • Learn From Industry Experts: Turn your desire for uninterrupted focus into tangible strategies. Gain insights and be inspired by fellow biz owners and accomplished entrepreneurs across similar industries.

  • Cultivate Connection: Connect with fellow women entrepreneurs who echo your desire for exclusive time to focus on your biz growth. Forge alliances that encourage and inspire one another's growth.

  • Elevate Your Business Skills: Dive deep into interactive workshops, hands-on activities, and shared dialogues that enhance your CEO skill set. Be prepared to lead your business with newfound confidence.

  • Prioritize Your Holistic Wellbeing: For an entire week, center your attention on business growth and personal rejuvenation. Experience wellness sessions and mindfulness practices that empower you with sustainable success tools.

The Week's CEO Blueprint

Day 1:The CEO Vision Party

Build a strong foundation with a clear business vision aligned with personal values, fueling a renewed sense of purpose. PS: you need these details, for day 2!

Day 2: Media MAGIC Creation - Photoshoots & Content Creation

Unleash your brand's visual magic through captivating photoshoots and content creation, enhancing your online presence.

Day 3: Innovation - Funnels and Sequence Opt-ins

Master innovative automation by crafting potent sales funnels and captivating opt-in sequences that propel growth.

Day 4: Branding and Marketing Strategy Implementation


Polish your brand identity and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, ensuring consistency and resonance.

Day 5: Reflection and Implementation


Internalize insights and design an actionable plan to effectively apply newly acquired strategies for long-term success.

Unlock Your Genius:

By dedicating a week to strategic empowerment and automation, you're setting your business up for power, MORE opportunity to devote to all areas of your life, and setting yourself up to be a CEO and content machine * even when * you aren’t working.

Imagine spending the next six months operating in your zone of genius, free from day-to-day hassles, completely embodied in your work.

This retreat is for Those Who Aspire To:

  • Spend more time IN their life than on their business
  • Build a clear strategy tailored to your business
  • Embody healthy masculine & feminine energy for leadership within your business
  • Reclaim your power and direction within your business
  • Understand your success blueprint and energetically aligned fast-tracking results
  • Illuminate areas where your shadow influences your direction in business¬†
  • Step into the quantum leap of embodying feminine leadership

Walk Away With: 

Our goal is to ensure you leave The CEO Week with a comprehensive toolkit, including:

  • A 12-month business plan and strategy ready to roll
  • Complete rebranding, including a professional photoshoot
  • 3-6 months of content creation
  • Customized funnels strategy
  • Personalized nurture sequence strategy for lasting engagement

Above all, you'll emerge from the week feeling completely nourished and revitalized. Our mission is to empower you to transition forward with ease and grace, ready to execute your vision without compromising your relationships..

This is for You If:

  • You're a thought leader in your industry and desire to make a noticeable impact in your public leadership presence.
  • You're teetering on your next level and want to be held powerfully to ensure you can embody this next level.
  • You are a leader in your own right and desiring a thinking partner/sounding board to bounce off and open up blind spots.
  • You have a desire to create a powerful brand & signature offering that is recognized internationally.¬†


This is Probably Not for You If:

  • You are not willing to step outside your comfort zone.
  • You are "too busy at work" and are not willing to learn something new to scale your business.
  • You believe you have to just keep pushing hard to get results.
  • You are not willing to do the work in your own inner world to change the trajectory of your life.
  • You are not willing to take ownership of where you refuse to step into the CEO.

Key Details:

10th to 14th June 2024


Who Should Attend:
Women entrepreneurs with the aspiration to dedicate a week for strategic empowerment and business automation.

Tier One


Twin Share Room with Private Amenities

  • Twin Share Room¬†
  • Full Branding shoot including makeup artist¬†

  • Wholesome nourishing meals for the entire week

  • Luxury accommodation to ensure rest and rejuvenation

  • Step-by -Step guidance to implement necessary upgrades to your business

  • Embodiment practices and movement mornings

  • Energy Clearings to keep you aligned and on target with your goals

  • Daily workshops to deepen your entrepreneurial skillset


Tier Two


Luxury Dorm Style Sccommodation with Shared Amenities

  • Dorm¬†style accommodation with shared amenities¬†¬†
  • Full Branding shoot including makeup artist¬†

  • Wholesome nourishing meals for the entire week

  • Luxury accommodation to ensure rest and rejuvenation

  • Step-by -Step guidance to implement necessary upgrades to your business

  • Embodiment practices and movement mornings

  • Energy Clearings to keep you aligned and on target with your goals

  • Daily workshops to deepen your entrepreneurial skillset


Limited Spaces Available:
Secure your spot today to unleash your business potential. The CEO Week is an exclusive opportunity to craft your business's future and reclaim your genius.

Hi, I'm Casey

I built my business to a multiple 6 figure business in the first 12 months of going full time. 
Within these 12 months, I also fell pregnant with my first son and had to learn how to juggle motherhood, an evolving relationship, a fast growing business and my NEW identity!

As a family we committed to my business being the main income for us- was this easy? No, however- I have definitely learned the power of owning your worth and settling for nothing less than you deserve. I held myself to a high standard and continued to scale my business, I loved harder in my relationships and I made sure I showed up for everything my son needed me for all while I kept climbing financially.

I found the magic in continually expanding in all areas, almost 3 years later, a team behind me, I have the know how and the expertise to get you in your ZONE OF GENIUS making BIG MONEY all while living the life you desire! No- you do not have to sacrifice yours of your (perhaps future) families needs/ desires in order to become successful! My magic is in ACTIVATING the truth of those who are here to serve on a LARGE SCALE and MONETIZING their message and  opening up the space for my clients to fully EMBODYING their deepest desires.

"If you want to work with someone who’s been there before you and can truly be a guide and mentor, Casey is your person.
I was looking to pivot my business, to not just understand the tools, but how to be in the next phase of my business and she delivered gentle and persistent guidance during our time together and beyond.
Casey really cares about her clients, she is someone I consider a confidante and I know that I’ll work with her again in future."

Vanessa Valencia
Business & Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur, and the creator of The Brave Journal

"Casey Warwick..... where do I start with you!

Case, you have to be one of the most intuitive coaches I have ever worked with. The way you are able to see straight through the "stories" and get to the "thing" so quickly, is such a powerful gift. There is no pussy footing around with you! Although it is all done with love, you really shine your light powerfully on the parts that hide in the shadows.

Between your intuition, your witchy magick and the unconditional love you that you have shown me, you have really paved the path for me step into my power in every aspect.

Thank you for being the permission slip for women.

You are my best investment yet!

I love you! "

Jai Drennan
Soul Sensuality Mentor & Breathwork Facilitator

"Where do I even start with you case? Working with you had changed EVERYTHING for me. From my relationship, to my communication, the energy in my business, how I hold myself, my vision for my family and engrained self belief to keep breaking these damn glass ceilings!
What I love most about working with you is the results are tangible, you can see feel and taste them.
Money in the bank, Thriving clients, loving relationship and a feeling of self fulfilment. Everything touches and nothing needs to be sacrificed to have the other.
You are an absolute weapon and I so grateful to be back working with you again I already feel the change!"

Allessandia Montana
Coach/ Mentor - Founder of Cultivate your Confidence Retreats