Imagine a life where you KNEW in your soul, you were fully supported.

Hey Beautiful,
I know that you’re incredibly passionate and you know what you are a stand for. 

It's obvious now you’ve started building a brand for yourself and your business is starting to really be recognised, people are beginning to know what it is you do and now you’re ready to EXPAND into ABUNDANCE WITH IT ALL.

What’s more, you know that you have the tools for your craft, yet you're still trying to perfect the right strategy for you and keep telling yourself you have to build the energetic body to hold BIG CASH FREQUENCIES.

 I want to show you a new way of being in business, walk with me as we take a deep dive into your leadership, who you are as a business woman and EMBODYING the model of business that will best serve what you wish to bring forward in the world.

You know right now, there is more holding you back than just business, you are craving to be held in ALL areas of your life- NOT JUST YOUR BUSINESS! You are calling in YOUR tribe of women who have experienced it all and are cheering you on the ENTIRE WAY. 

Your soul is desiring to be nourished through business. You have played in the RIGID ways for far too long.. And let’s be honest.. It is just not working. 

EVERYTHING else is suffering. Your health, your relationships, your children, your ability to enjoy life has been put on the back burner and when you do get the opportunity to be with your people or focus on your health your mind is still deeply in business and you cannot quite figure out how to allow yourself to TRULY experience it all POWERFULLY?

It's time to get really honest with yourself, can you really take your clients "there" yet? 

I know you are a great with your craft, that is why you're here.. Yet for some reason you have convinced yourself "the right strategy will do it" ...yet you know it's still  more... you know it's more than JUST strategy.. 

Especially when you already know, your relationships are the KEY to your success. 

Holding your clients in a state of EMBODIED LEADERSHIP means you get to go first. 


Spending your days trying to make everyone else's life better whilst simultaneously on the verge of crumbling yourself doesn't work.

A great business and a shitty relationship doesn't work.

A great business and a bad relationship with their children doesn't work. 

A great business and capping themselves due to their own personal beliefs doesn't work. 

A great woman in business that doesn't trust women, does not work.

None of that holds integrity. 

HOW YOU BE FOR YOU, is how your business will show up for YOU!




This is for the Woman Ready to Claim a New Level in her Business

✓ Build a clear strategy that works for you, so you know where you are always at in your business
Uplevel your relationship with money and clear any karmic debts

Integrate your healthy masculine & feminine energy for EMBODIED LEADERSHIP

✓ Reclaim your power & direction inside your business

✓Regulate your nervous system and recalibrate for success & reclaim your health

✓Understand your success blueprint and how to fast track success in a way that is energetically aligned

✓Understand where your shadow runs the show and how to lead with love
✓Step into your next quantum leap EMBODYING FEMININE LEADERSHIP



6 Month Mastermind

The Wealthy Woman Activation

What will you recieve?

✓ Bi-weekly Energetic Masterclasses
Weekly LIVE coaching calls on zoom- yes these are separate to the Masterclasses!
Embodied Business Resource library 
✓ ME as your PERSONAL coach for the entire 6 months

✓Monthly Money Meetings with our in-house Financial Advisor 

✓Monthly Tech Coaching calls with our Tech Guru 

✓Monthly Breathwork/ somatic Release workshops
✓ 2 Day IN-Person Immersion Experience - Including Branding Photoshoot
✓Access to an INCREDIBLE community of inspirational women, committed to their leadership! 
✓ Quarterly Group Strategy Session
✓ World Class Guest Speakers 

This is worth over = $52,999 AUD 
Claim your spot today from $300 AUD.

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If you're needing to chat to me (Case) personally before making a big decision like this to ensure this is the right fit for you, please go ahead and book a call in directly here. I want you to know you are FULLY supported in your decision making process! 

Book a call directly with Case here

"I started working with Casey 2 years ago as a women very much in my masculine energy and lacking compassion for myself and others.
The work I have done with Casey's guidance and support has easily been the most important work I have ever done. It has influenced all facets of my life and I now feel so at ease with who I am in this world and what I am creating. I now have so much compassion for others and myself whilst holding strong boundaries. I have found my feminine essence and continue to use what she has taught me. I am forever grateful."

Leila Duncan
Business Development Manager

"Case has a unique gift to be able to see through your BS and call you to a higher account then shifts quickly to hold you in your mess and move through what is coming up for you in your business or life for you to connect with what is true for you in this moment. This is such a powerful skill to experience and be able to trust that she can whole heartedly hold space for you whatever it is you are facing off with that is stopping you from being the best version of yourself is actually priceless!"

Alex Unscripted
Business Mentor & Money Mindset Coach

"Working with Casey has been nothing but life changing. I came to her for business coaching but got so much more. She helped me completely transform my business and my confidence. I wouldn't have the income, the amount of clients I have now nor be the woman I am now if it weren't for Caseys guidance, coaching and mentoring. She truly is powerful and one of a kind. I truly and highly recommend her! "

Leila Andersson
Soul-Led Business Coach

 This is your invitation to apply for the Embodied BUSINESS MASTERMIND.

Why was this created? Because after business owners for the last 3 years on how to EMBODY what they teach so their business can actually do what it is intended for, it is time to bring this forward on a BIG scale. 

I believe powerful women GET TO have a safe space to truly allow themselves to be seen and witnessed. 

We get to hold and nourish each other through strategy, love and our personal commitments so that we can truly raise the collective- not to mention our bank accounts.   

I believe in the sacred space of being held by a mentor that as walked all spaces of life to guide you so you can show up POWERFULLY not only in business but for your relationship, your children, your enjoyment. 



It's time to break the cycle of the "broke business owner".

It is time to break the dynamic that as fuelled the “feminine” rise. We get to have a beautiful home life & business life. Our worlds get to come together. 

Who you be as a woman is not separate from how you show up as a business woman. 

Embodied Business is a NEW way of being.

The woman who gets to hold it all.



The Relationship

The warm loving home

The Money



I am talking ENERGETICS!


And ladies..... What we do in LOVE, stays.


The business you DESIRE gets to happen! 


There is a way through this.

And I am going to show you the secrets that women all over the world are using to create life on their terms and generate MAGICK in their world and ACTIVATE their FEMININE LEADERSHIP!

I am going to show you that you do not have to choose between anything. 

You get to have it all. 


Trust me when I say I get it, I spent years crying out for attention from men, believing that I could never have a successful business and a loving partner. Throwing myself into traumatic experience after traumatic experience. I was ruled by the thought I had to choose one. 

Until I decided to move differently.


I am here to show you there is another way.

I am here to show you what it is to truly lead from your feminine power. 

It is time to surrender in love and thrive in your business. 


This is your time now. 

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Hi, I'm Casey

I built my business to a multiple 6 figure business in the first 12 months of going full time.

Within these 12 months, I also fell pregnant with my first son and had to learn how to juggle motherhood, an evolving relationship, a fast growing business and my NEW identity!

As a family we committed to my business being the main income for us- was this easy? No, however- I have definitely learned the power of owning your worth and settling for nothing less than you deserve.

I held myself to a high standard and continued to scale my business, I loved harder in my relationships and I made sure I showed up for everything my son needed me for all while I kept climbing financially.

I found the magic in continually expanding in all areas, almost 3 years later, a team behind me, I have the know how and the expertise to get you in your ZONE OF GENIUS making BIG MONEY all while living the life you desire! No- you do not have to sacrifice yours of your (perhaps future) families needs/ desires in order to become successful!

My magic is in ACTIVATING the truth of those who are here to serve on a LARGE SCALE and MONETIZING their message and  opening up the space for my clients to fully EMBODYING their deepest desires.

Want to know why this is a MUST?

As the world continues to change,  the dynamics of relationships & business change.

Have you ever looked at your leadership inside relationships? Both in personal & professional?

In detail?

There is so much pressure put on daily to be the perfect woman and honestly I just want to say "F*CK THAT".

Every relationship (professional & personal) we have in our life starts with us! It starts with how we honour our truth and our self in EVERYTHING!

I have been working with women for years now helping them shift the dynamic of what it truly means to EMBODY ALL OF YOU.

Want to know a fun little fact?

The more we embody our leadership and the happier we are as women, we empower all relationships around us.

Yes, you are the person who is the catalyst for change in your life and for those you love.

If you haven't already seen I'm on a mission to help women globally acknowledge their own power!


I promise you, there is something inside of you, your soul is calling for you to discover. 


You may already know it, however, most people live in so much fear they block their truth from shining through. This fear-based life path can often lead to depression, anxiety, unhappiness, unworthiness, self loathing and SELF SABOTAGE. I know this because I LIVED THERE. 


My love for embodied leadership developed in my early days as a Personal Trainer. I would see countless clients walk through the doors, limited by their own belief systems. As I started to understand that everyone had a story holding them back, I started to realised my own impending limitations with my mindset. I had big dreams, but also a big reason why I could not achieve what I wanted and I was living in survival mode. I was meeting my needs all in a completely negative state which almost sent me bankrupt, I struggled in relationships and had left me homeless having to move home to my parents starting all over again… not once, but TWICE. 


After realising this pattern for years within myself, knowing I could achieve what I wanted, yet having so many blocks and continued self-destructive behaviours. I decided to learn everything I could to master my own fears and build the life I had always wanted.  


As I took hold of what had really held me back, I knew there needed to be a way I could share this knowledge with the world. I knew if my stories held me back, it would also hold others back. I needed a way, to change lives and allow people to truly reach their potential. I needed the world to experience the new found freedom I had. I wanted the world to know the LOVE I finally felt for every area of my life. 


When I finally connected the dots between business and relationships, my ENTIRE  life shifted. It had shifted from a knowing to a full body F*ck YES! 


And now I here to help you RE-IGNITE Your inner compass. 


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Bi Weekly Masterclass/ Energetics reset with ME! ($4000 Value) 

Coming in with FRESH topics, every BI- WEEK to keep you accountable and up-to date with what is happening in the online world! YES this is separate from the HOT SEAT coaching.

2 x 90 Minute Group Coaching Calls With Me Every Month ($10,000 value)

This is your opportunity to share where you’re at and receive hot-seat coaching from me on the exact personalised steps to move forward next. We’ll cover everything from marketing, strategy, mindset, launching, sales leadership, relationships, motherhood and so much more. You’ll also learn from your incredible Mastermind sisters – their wins, action steps and strategies recommended for their businesses. The impact of these group sessions? Powerful beyond measure.


Ever wondered how to clean up your spaces energetically and also grow your business at the same time? You’ll receive access to my training vault across my SIGNATURE PROGRAMS, hours of business-building (and soul-remembering), sales mastery, self leadership & coaching creation content to help you build the business of your dreams. 

Quarterly Group 2 hour Strategy Session ($3000)

Diving deep in the first week for clarity in your direction and to map out your first 90 day plan to help you truly gain traction on your desired outcome! 

Daily Coaching in Slack ($5000 Value)

I personally believe this is where the magic lies inside the container. You can ask your questions and be held when you need by the incredible women inside the container.  

And that's not all...


These ones are the ones you DESIRE most

2 Full days IMMERSION Experience ($5,000 value)

2 full days going all in on ENERGETIC EXPANSIONS FOR YOU and your BUSINESS. Walking away with tools and clarity for your next steps. (If you cannot make this in person, you can do this virtually) 

A Community of Likeminded, Incredible POWERHOUSE Women 

This mastermind experience is so much more than just having me in your business and learning from me. You have my ENTIRE TEAM. There are 4 powerhouse people  standing behind you supporting you in every way! It’s also about the incredible women you will have in your corner with you to learn from, cheer you on and share your experiences with.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business and the life to match it! 

Your dreams need you playing full out. Its time to grant you access to living fully in alignment ALL OF THE TIME, not just part-time. 

If you are wanting to be held as you UPLEVEL and UPSCALE your business, relationships and LIFE this is where to do it! 


Over $52,000 worth of value. 


For you, this experience is yours for $1499 per month.

Why so much less than the value included?

Because I too started out with a mentor who made it possible for me to step into WEALTH. I know monthly payments need to be accessible at this stage of business, and while this price point is likely still a stretch, it’s far more achievable than making this a price point that completely prices most people out of the market. 

I want to you see you win.

I personally do not believe any of this is separate for us as women, so to fully show up in business means we get to FULLY show up to all spaces we hold. 

We are the creators of this world. And we need to start treating ourselves as such! 

And yes, it could be a tad selfish, because every time you win, I WIN.

What you do for you, you do for me, you do for the ENTIRE FEMININE COLLECTIVE.


We all get to win together! 

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This is for you if....

You're a thought leader in your industry and desire to make a noticeable impact in your public leadership presence

You're teetering on your next level and want to be held powerfully to ensure you can embody this next level

You are a leader in your own right and desiring a thinking partner/ sound board to bounce off and open up blind spots

Your have a desire to create a powerful brand & signature offering that is recognized internationally

You're sick of letting FEAR of failure or fear of success SABOTAGE your life and you keep blaming the outside world as to why you haven't got what you wanted.

You've reached a plateau in your relationship and professional life, but you KNOW there's more to you that what you're experiencing.

You're sick of feeling like you cannot have a fulfilling career & relationship- you have convinced yourself it is one of the other.

You feel disconnected with your body, your partner and no matter how many people you are around still feel lonely.

 You're tired of listening to the voice in your head saying you're not enough, that you don't have enough money, aren't attractive enough, or aren't smart enough.  

You're resentful of yourself and towards your partner for people pleasing and putting other's needs before your own.

You over think, over analyse, and/or procrastinate waiting for the “right” time to take action.  

You're inconsistent in your commitments to yourself-not able to uphold new habits or follow through with your intentions.  

You occasionally ask yourself "is this really all there is?" and suspect the answer just might be, yes.  

You doubt your own talents and gifts, wondering if you’re fooling yourself into thinking you have what it takes to have the life of your dreams...  

You’re friendly and coachable.

This is probably not for you if: 

You are not willing to step outside your comfort zone 

You are “too busy at work” and are not willing to put yourself first 

You believe (and not willing to change the belief) that your life is the result of other people's behaviour

You are not willing to do the work in your own inner world to change the trajectory of your life 

You are not willing to take ownership of where you refuse to let people in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wanting to work even closer with me?

I get it, diving into something THIS BIG may mean you want the extra support, whilst I am INCREDIBLY ACTIVE in this program I also know the power of having your coach at your finger tips. You also have the option to upgrade to the VIP Experience. This includes 1:1 Voxer support (MON - FRI) for the entire MasterMIND & Monthly 1:1 Strategy sessions.

Your VIP Experience is, after application of course, is yours for $2200 AUD per month.

I want the VIP Option


There are universal LAWS and secrets, that most women don’t know HOW to use to truly honour their power within and create the life they desire, I do and I feel it’s my duty to make it more accessible to every woman who wants to rise. 


This LAW can ONLY do FOR you what it can do THROUGH YOU…… Shall we manifest the life you desire together?


I am on a mission to ignite THE EMBODIED WOMEN in all of us across the globe and I am calling you forward. Will you allow me to show you how to re-connect you to your intuition, reignite your business and show you how to have more money, more sex and more energy in your daily life? If any of this sounds like what your soul is calling for, go ahead and say yes today!

Hell yes I am in!


6 Month Mastermind

The Wealthy Woman Activation

What will you recieve?

Bi-weekly Energetic Masterclasses

✓ Bi-weekly LIVE coaching calls on zoom- yes these are separate to the Masterclasses!

Embodied Business Resource library 

✓ ME as your PERSONAL coach for the entire 6 months!

✓ 2 Day IN-Person Immersion Experience - Including Branding Photoshoot

✓Access to an INCREDIBLE community of inspirational women, committed to their leadership! 

✓ Quarterly Group Strategy Session

✓ World Class Guest Speakers 


This is worth over = $52,999 AUD 

Claim your spot today from $300 AUD.

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Unsure whether to the say YES yet but still reading? 

I totally get that investing in your business when it hasn't YET made what you desire to logically justify it can feel often BIG and HEAVY and more often than not, doubting if it is the right move for you.  I’ve felt that every time I’ve hit a new upper limit in my business, so I truly know how you feel.

I also know that these investments are what allowed me the space to hold the capacity of the life I have now. No matter how good we are as a coach, we too need support and to be reminded of our own greatness. 

 For me, I had to truly commit to myself and know that everything I spent would come back to me 10 fold as I continued to say yes. 

I decided my success was the ONLY outcome. 

I invite you to lean into our reason as to why you are still reading. The voice that speaks before the fear sets in, is the one I invite you to listen to now. 

You already know what you desire... It is time to make moves in your world that allow it to come to fruition. 

If you don't actively choose your path, it will be chosen by default. 

Imagine your world 12 months from now, if you choose to go all in. 

You get to HOLD that, should you trust yourself enough to say YES!

My question for you today is, will you take the steps NOW to make your dreams a reality or will we be having this conversation in another 12 months?

Click the link below and allow your magic to unfold.

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Casey Warwick..... where do I start with you!

Case, you have to be one of the most intuitive coaches I have ever worked with. The way you are able to see straight through the "stories" and get to the "thing" so quickly, is such a powerful gift. There is no pussy footing around with you! Although it is all done with love, you really shine your light powerfully on the parts that hide in the shadows.

Between your intuition, your witchy magick and the unconditional love you that you have shown me, you have really paved the path for me step into my power in every aspect.

Thank you for being the permission slip for women.

You are my best investment yet!

I love you! "

Jai Drennan
Soul Sensuality Mentor & Breathwork Facilitator

"If you want to work with someone who’s been there before you and can truly be a guide and mentor, Casey is your person.
I was looking to pivot my business, to not just understand the tools, but how to be in the next phase of my business and she delivered gentle and persistent guidance during our time together and beyond.
Casey really cares about her clients, she is someone I consider a confidante and I know that I’ll work with her again in future."

Vanessa Valencia
Business & Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur, and the creator of The Brave Journal

"Where do I even start with you case? Working with you had changed EVERYTHING for me. From my relationship, to my communication, the energy in my business, how I hold myself, my vision for my family and engrained self belief to keep breaking these damn glass ceilings!
What I love most about working with you is the results are tangible, you can see feel and taste them.
Money in the bank, Thriving clients, loving relationship and a feeling of self fulfilment. Everything touches and nothing needs to be sacrificed to have the other.
You are an absolute weapon and I so grateful to be back working with you again I already feel the change!"

Allessandia Montana
Coach/ Mentor - Founder of Cultivate your Confidence Retreats