BTS: How I lost my way with Money at the beginning of the year.

They say, New levels create new devils. 

In this episode I give a full BTS of  how I continuously found myself giving my power away with money. I was doing this so many ways with the people I love most and this was NOT HEALTHY! I walk you through how I reclaimed my power and started making sales INSTANTLY!

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Army life to Feminine Leadership with Kadi Sontagg

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT! In this episode I interview my incredibly client Kadi Sontagg! When Kadi first came into my world, she had a vision of building a business that could support women into full acceptance of themselves! 

Kadi is a PTI in the Australian Army and has had to overcome many hurdles to be able to soften into her feminine...

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What is Leadership with Emma Campbell

In this episode, I dive deep with Emma into all things leadership and how Emma incorporates her knowledge of the corporate world and combines her spiritual practices to really deep dive in what she truly believes cultivates leadership. 

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