The Embodied Business Show

Ready to deep dive on all things EMBODIED Woman from relationships, spirituality, money, business, menstrual cycles, IMPACT and MEN!

I weave my teaching through this podcast alongside my amazing guests, to give you the wide range of all things womanhood. I have jam packed this podcast with some EPIC guests to really give you the FULL angle of life and how to maximise your own personal gifts. I believe everything touches everything and that is exactly where she goes in this podcast... 

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Why I Created 'The Embodied Business Show'

I started this podcast because the one thing that I saw a lot was that women could not understand how their relationship affected their business or how their business affected their relationship. And they needed to have a place where they could talk all things that actually allow a woman to step into her full power.

Most podcasts that I came across, seemed to steer specifically down one avenue, but I wanted a place where we could talk all things womanhood and also allow me to interview women all over the world; to essentially create a platform that could really just showcase womanhood and cultivate learning opportunities as well.

The Embodied Business Show is my heart centered project and I hope you enjoy listening to it, just as much as I love crafting and bringing each new episode to you. 

Case xx 


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