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Are you feeling disconnected from your creative energy and struggling to bring your unique offerings to life? Do you spend 16 hours a day in your head because life is demanding so much from you? Do you find it challenging to manifest the abundance and success you desire? 

If so, it’s likely you’re experiencing a block in your creative flow that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

One of the biggest challenges my clients share is that in the modern world, in all their roles - as business owners, mothers, wives and more - being able to find the space, time and inspiration to bring their offers + business dreams to life feels impossible. I'm going to teach you a process that guides you back to yourself, so that you can create more efficiently, effortlessly and with far more enjoyment.  

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you are divinely orchestrated to bring your unique gifts and offerings to the world. You are the sacred temple, the voice of spirit, and hold wisdom beyond this lifetime. 

That's why I am here to remind you of the POWER of WOMAN, YOU are the intuitive gatekeeper to the divine.

But as women, we can sometimes forget our true power and the gifts we have to offer. 


It’s time to lift the veil on your soul and guide you through the transformative power of Embodied Ritual. 

  This program is an invitation to spend 4 weeks intimately with me, as we awaken your creativity through the power of ritual. 

Over the 4 weeks, we are going to tap into the rituals and tools that connect you back to the creativity that already exists within you to bring your offers, programs and your content to life so that you can create the money and the abundance that you most want for the year to come. 

Right now, it's all there, but you're blocking yourself because you're actively procrastinating and consuming other content, thinking it's better than yours, and getting into comparisonitis. But the truth of the matter is that there are specific tools and rituals that are likely easier than you think to tap into that energy and create the money and abundance you want in your business.


A 4 week immersion, body integration journey into RAISING your VIBRATION and TAPPING into the TRUTH of what it is to be in RITUAL with the entity of your BUSINESS.

What will you receive?

✓ Weekly Live Masterclasses with ME activating your inner wisdom and connecting you to the divine so that you can tap into your flow state at any time

Weekly LIVE Coaching calls with ME - (yes, they are different to the Masterclasses) where I’ll answer your questions and provide personalised support for your unique life and business

A comprehensive guide to developing your own embodied ritual practices that you can tap into daily, weekly and monthly to progress your business forward faster than ever

✓ Access to a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who are also on a spiritual journey to learn from and connect with

Tools and strategies to help you shift from scarcity to abundance, and from doing to being

✓ Increased confidence, focus, and productivity to help you build a thriving business that aligns with your soul's purpose

This is for you if:

You're a spiritual entrepreneur who wants to embody the creative flow and the abundance that is already within you, but just needs to be harnessed

You're seeking a deeper connection with your divine feminine energy and source of creativity

You struggle with self-doubt, fear, and comparisonitis, and want to develop the spiritual discipline to overcome these challenges

You're ready to shift from doing to being, from scarcity to abundance, and from external to internal, and prioritize your creative projects

You want to attract more abundance and ideal clients into your life and business by focusing on the energy and intention behind your offerings

You want to stay connected to your spiritual path and unique vision while growing your business and increasing your impact

You're seeking a community of like-minded women who are embodying their spiritual and financial abundance and are committed to creating the life and business that aligns with their deepest calling.


Through the guidance of powerful rituals and practices, you will learn to develop your spiritual discipline and tap into the creative flow that already exists within you. 

This is probably not for you if:

You are not open to exploring and implementing new spiritual practices and rituals.

You are not willing to commit time and effort to your personal and professional growth.

You are not interested in connecting with your divine feminine energy or spiritual path.

You are not a spiritual entrepreneur or do not have a business or creative project you are looking to develop.

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"Case has a unique gift to be able to see through your BS and call you to a higher account then shifts quickly to hold you in your mess and move through what is coming up for you in your business or life for you to connect with what is true for you in this moment. This is such a powerful skill to experience and be able to trust that she can whole heartedly hold space for you whatever it is you are facing off with that is stopping you from being the best version of yourself is actually priceless!"

Alex Unscripted
Business Mentor & Money Mindset Coach

"I started working with Casey 2 years ago as a women very much in my masculine energy and lacking compassion for myself and others.
The work I have done with Casey's guidance and support has easily been the most important work I have ever done. It has influenced all facets of my life and I now feel so at ease with who I am in this world and what I am creating. I now have so much compassion for others and myself whilst holding strong boundaries. I have found my feminine essence and continue to use what she has taught me. I am forever grateful."

Leila Duncan
Business Development Manager

"Working with Casey has been nothing but life changing. I came to her for business coaching but got so much more. She helped me completely transform my business and my confidence. I wouldn't have the income, the amount of clients I have now nor be the woman I am now if it weren't for Caseys guidance, coaching and mentoring. She truly is powerful and one of a kind. I truly and highly recommend her! "

Leila Andersson
Soul-Led Business Coach

Hi, I'm Casey

I built my business to a multiple 6 figure business in the first 12 months of going full time.

Within these 12 months, I also fell pregnant with my first son and had to learn how to juggle motherhood, an evolving relationship, a fast growing business and my NEW identity!

As a family we committed to my business being the main income for us- was this easy? No, however- I have definitely learned the power of owning your worth and settling for nothing less than you deserve.

I held myself to a high standard and continued to scale my business, I loved harder in my relationships and I made sure I showed up for everything my son needed me for all while I kept climbing financially.

I found the magic in continually expanding in all areas, almost 3 years later, a team behind me, I have the know how and the expertise to get you in your ZONE OF GENIUS making BIG MONEY all while living the life you desire! No- you do not have to sacrifice yours of your (perhaps future) families needs/ desires in order to become successful!

My magic is in ACTIVATING the truth of those who are here to serve on a LARGE SCALE and MONETIZING their message and  opening up the space for my clients to fully EMBODYING their deepest desires.

Want to know why this is a MUST?

Through Embodied Ritual, you'll learn how to connect with source through embodied ritual practices and develop your spiritual discipline. I will guide you through each step of the way, helping you to transform your blocks into opportunities for growth and expansion, and bring your unique offerings to life in a way that truly embodies your divine purpose.

 If you're feeling disconnected from your source of creativity, overwhelmed by the challenges of entrepreneurship, and seeking greater abundance and prosperity in your life, then Embodied Ritual is the program for you.

Enrol now, and let's unlock the full potential of your divine feminine energy together.

Embodied Ritual is not just about the practical side of running a business. It's about aligning with your true purpose and cultivating a sense of surrender and trust in the abundance that is available to you. It's about shifting from doing to being, from scarcity to abundance, and from external to internal . It's about prioritizing your creative projects and setting boundaries around your time to increase productivity and focus on money-making activities.

If you're ready to tap into the power of ritual and cultivate a sense of surrender and trust in the abundance that is available to you, then Embodied Ritual is for you. 

 You are a gatekeeper to the divine, and it's time to fully step into your power and share your soul's message with the world. 

Join me for Embodied Ritual, and let's unlock the full potential of what it means for you to be tapped in, turned on and tuned in

Join the Wait List for the next round of Embodied Ritual

Frequently Asked Questions

"If you want to work with someone who’s been there before you and can truly be a guide and mentor, Casey is your person.
I was looking to pivot my business, to not just understand the tools, but how to be in the next phase of my business and she delivered gentle and persistent guidance during our time together and beyond.
Casey really cares about her clients, she is someone I consider a confidante and I know that I’ll work with her again in future."

Vanessa Valencia
Business & Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur, and the creator of The Brave Journal

"Casey Warwick..... where do I start with you!

Case, you have to be one of the most intuitive coaches I have ever worked with. The way you are able to see straight through the "stories" and get to the "thing" so quickly, is such a powerful gift. There is no pussy footing around with you! Although it is all done with love, you really shine your light powerfully on the parts that hide in the shadows.

Between your intuition, your witchy magick and the unconditional love you that you have shown me, you have really paved the path for me step into my power in every aspect.

Thank you for being the permission slip for women.

You are my best investment yet!

I love you! "

Jai Drennan
Soul Sensuality Mentor & Breathwork Facilitator

"Where do I even start with you case? Working with you had changed EVERYTHING for me. From my relationship, to my communication, the energy in my business, how I hold myself, my vision for my family and engrained self belief to keep breaking these damn glass ceilings!
What I love most about working with you is the results are tangible, you can see feel and taste them.
Money in the bank, Thriving clients, loving relationship and a feeling of self fulfilment. Everything touches and nothing needs to be sacrificed to have the other.
You are an absolute weapon and I so grateful to be back working with you again I already feel the change!"

Allessandia Montana
Coach/ Mentor - Founder of Cultivate your Confidence Retreats