Competition Vs. Inspiration & How It Is Affecting You In Business

Nov 19, 2023

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Embodied Business Show with your host, Case Warwick. In this episode, Case delves into a crucial yet often overlooked topic – the profound impact of competition and inspiration on individuals, particularly women and men in the business world.

Case emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between competition and inspiration, shedding light on how misinterpreting the two can have detrimental effects on one's business and personal well-being. She argues that competition, rooted in a scarcity mindset, can lead to destructive behaviours such as shaming and division, ultimately hindering success.

Drawing on the scale of consciousness by Dr. David R. Hawkins, Case explores the energetic frequencies associated with competition and inspiration. She passionately advocates for a shift from competition to inspiration, highlighting the transformative power of adopting a mindset focused on unity, collaboration, and abundance.

By the episode's conclusion, Case invites listeners to reflect on their triggers, distinguish between competition and inspiration in their lives, and commit to a mindset that fosters growth, collaboration, and success. This thought-provoking exploration into the energetic dynamics of competition and inspiration offers valuable insights for coaches and business owners seeking to thrive in a holistic and empowered way.

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