Shadow Side of Expansion

May 17, 2023


After a long wait, we are finally here ready to plug back into your ear holes! 

In this solo episode I give you 3 ways your shadow can be playing out in your expansion! 

We all talk about expansion in the most beautiful ways, but what we don't often look at is how we can unconsciously be creating sabotage for ourselves. This episode, may be the big kick up the bum you have been needing to move back into alignment with the higher self! 

My greatest commitment to women in this lifetime is to create an energetic ripple that allows all of us to step into our highest timeline.  I hope you feel deeply supported in these practices and continue to implement weekly as we continue to bring you more ways to expand in business, love and life! 

Please leave us a 5 star rating and let us know what you want to hear moving forward! 


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