S*X Magic and How It Can Open Worlds In Your Business with Shiloh Blachut

Nov 05, 2023

If hearing the words S*X magic make you cringe, this episode is for you! We de-bunk the taboo around a woman being in touch with her primitive nature and explore how it can open up a world for you to receive constantly in!
This episode is a JUICY one!
I called in one of my very own Witchy SEX magic Goddess's Shiloh Blachut to bring this powerful knowledge to you and I am super excited for you to listen.


Shiloh is a SOUL-led Relationship, Dating and Sexuality Coach, Breathwork Facilitator and Energy Worker. She helps people re-connect with the voice of their Soul, heal their deepest wounds around men and women and reconnect with the loving force inside of them - taking this force into all relationships in their lives and experiencing more love, connection, freedom and truth. She is the creator of the Inner Grace Podcast and the Awakened Woman Program and the Cosmic Womb & Conscious Dating Events. Shiloh is wildly in love with helping people learn how to experience the deliciousness of the divine within every aspect of the human experience, from love to sex to soul.

Connect with Shiloh
Instagram: @shilohblachut
Podcast: Inner Grace on all platforms
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/shilohblachut

Connect with Case & her upcoming work 
Instagram @casewarwick
Embodied Business:  https://www.casewarwick.com/embodiedbusinessmastermind
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