Understanding The Nervous System Part 2 with Kari Azuma

May 24, 2023

This episode is an extension of our previous episode talking all things nervous system! 

Kari calls herself an intuitive nervous system surgeon. She is a certified coach from the Newfield Network Institute and has coached executives and board members of influential companies, entrepreneurs, mothers, coaches, and leaders in the health and wellness sectors.

Previously, she has specialized in coaching mothers through her program The Integrated Woman and her retreat, Threshold, by using a unique style of coaching grounded in nature connection work, breath work, ritual, linguistic distinctions, somatic practices and powerful execution of action steps toward a declared vision. Most recently, she has realized that the culmination of her work has led to where the root of most of our choices live- the nervous system.

She now supports ALL women in excavating layers of safety patterns through a combination of deep intuitive work on with the sub-conscious, somatic practices, and traditional ontological coaching. Her mission is to support true feminine leadership by helping women build massive safety in their bodies in order to courageously live their values.

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