The Aspiring Mama with Melissa Colleret

Jun 12, 2023


In this episode I talk all things of what it takes for a mama to TRULY choose her yes and publish her book 'The Aspiring Mama'!

Melissa Colleret is a lifestyle designer and business coach with over a decade of experience supporting women to live their most vibrant and authentic lives by channelling their passions and entrepreneurial spirit.

Melissa believes that every woman is a mother here to conceive, carry, and birth creations in her own unique way. She acts as a creative midwife for her clients’ most important dreams and creates a safe space for them to come alive. Melissa is the founder of WMNHD, an online community for women to connect to their souls, move their dreams forward, step into their power, and unleash their wild, beautiful, creative selves into the world. She lives with her daughter, Alicia, and dog, Bali, in her hometown of Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts in Québec, Canada.

Connect with Melissa:

WMNHD (online community for women who love coaching, self-care, and building lives & businesses that align with their true nature)


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